Improving railway security and safety: apply for contracts

20 Dec 2019 12:35 PM

Organisations can apply for a share of £2.8 million for projects that help Network Rail to deter trespass or to automate identification of trackside structures.

Network Rail is seeking technological solutions to challenges it faces from fare-dodging, theft and vandalism and in improving and speeding up work to detect structures and vegetation alongside rail lines.

The company that owns the UK’s rail network faces issues with trespassers at platform ends and edges trying to evade fares and from people intent on theft or vandalism.

Its traditional process for assessing new or existing structures alongside rail lines to ensure trains can pass by – known as gauging – is also time-consuming and can take years to complete. Improving it could increase safety and help with planning maintenance and introducing new rolling stock.

Network Rail is using the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) to support 2 funding competitions for organisations that have innovative ways to meet these challenges.

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Competition 1: Detecting and deterring trespassers

Network Rail is looking for physical or technological systems that detect and deter trespass at platform edges at different types of station, from those with no staff to larger ones where staff can respond quickly.

Projects will be expected to research their solution for 3 months before installing it at a station.

Solutions should:

Competition information

Find out more about this competition to detect and deter trespassers and apply.

Competition 2: Accurately identifying rail-side structures

This competition to find innovative ways to automate processing of structure gauging for Network Rail is in 2 phases.

Projects will be expected to train the application to identify structures in the first phase.

They can apply for further funding to demonstrate it in a second phase.

Systems must be able to accurately demonstrate:

Competition information

Find out more about this competition to identify rail-side structures and apply.