Insurance webinar recordings - watch for free now

7 May 2021 01:14 PM

Insurance Webinar Recordings

Using our Insurance Brokerage and Insurance Placement solution (964), in partnership with YPO and NEPO, is a great way to obtain insurance expertise and knowledge, procure any type of insurance including highly specialist and niche insurance, and much more.

Webinar recordings

Last year, YPO hosted a number of webinars to help you learn more about the two separate contractual agreements - Insurance Brokerage and Associated Service Framework Agreement and Insurance Placement Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) - offered under this solution and some useful information for you and your organisation. Here are the links to each webinar recording in case you missed any: 

Maximising value of insurance brokers - how to optimise the value of insurance broker and maximise the best value available in the insurance market
Risk assessment and risk management - on the top of the agenda to support organisational resilience
Property Portfolio – the impact of Covid-19
Business Travel Policy – risk assessment review and inclusion policy
Motor Insurance Sector – new trends and new emerging risks in the motor industry
Preparing for an insurance tender during a pandemic - panel of brokers and insurers provides advice about public sector tenders for insurance covers during Covid
Construction Insurance - special guest from Towers Watson covers market trend and insurance provisions in contracts
Agile Working - overview of the key risks and insurance issues which flow from agile working
Waste Management – challenges in insuring and managing your risk
Workforce Wellbeing – an emerging new risk


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