Investigation into arrest of man during Chinese Presidential Visit

9 Nov 2016 03:40 PM

The IPCC is independently investigating the circumstances surrounding the arrest and detention of a man during the Chinese Presidential Visit to London in October 2015.

Doctor Shao Jiang was arrested by City of London Police (CoL) for an alleged breach of the peace during a protest on 21 October 2015 and further arrested by the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) on suspicion of conspiracy to commit a Section 5 Public Order Act offence later on the same day. His home was searched that evening and property, including computer equipment, was seized. He was released on bail on 22 October, with conditions preventing him from taking any further part in protests during the Chinese Presidential Visit.

He was notified by the MPS on 28 October that no further action would be taken against him in relation to the incident. His property was returned the following day.

Following a complaint from Dr Shao, the IPCC is examining both of his arrests and detention as well as the search of his home and seizure of his property. The IPCC will also consider whether any directions or information given as part of the pre-planned police operation may have influenced the decisions and actions of the officers who dealt with Dr Shao. Officers are due to be interviewed in the coming weeks.

In September, Dr Shao's wife Johanna Zhang lodged a further complaint about the search of their property, which will be handled as part of the same investigation.

The investigation is being overseen by IPCC Deputy Chair Sarah Green.