Is the modern day project manager soft enough? Webinar

11 Jan 2021 01:37 PM

Do you sometimes confuse Coaching with Mentoring or even Consulting? What about Counselling?

Nigel Smith will focus on the positive role of Coaching within project management (PM);

In the process, he’ll delve into the now ubiquitous world of the modern agile PM, to see how it serves that emerging role, and ponders whether the once-popular ‘Command and Control’ PM style still retains any relevance today.

Nigel will offer some clear definitions and signpost you to some useful things to look out for, within yourself and within your teams. The outcome is to create that virtuous environment of trust, which in turn is the true foundation to value-added and collaborative working.

Some of the key competencies you’ll learn more about are;

You’re sure to leave with some new-found awareness, tools and devices to try to help you become more relational in your project interactions.

The event will also include a Quiz, where the Winners will be able to experience the power of coaching at first hand!

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