Joint Housing Policy and Delivery Group final report

20 Jan 2022 02:54 PM

Final report of the Joint Housing Policy and Delivery Group.


The Joint Housing Policy and Delivery Group (formerly the Housing Policy Advisory Group – HPAG) brought together stakeholders from across the housing sector. Working with Scottish Government officials, the group's remit was to ensure that actions in the five-year Joint Housing Delivery Plan for Scotland, published in 2015, were taken forward.  The actions were grouped into two main sections:

Home and Place Actions – These actions linked into the Housing and Regeneration Directorate outcomes of:

a) A well-functioning housing system – availability of choice, homes people can afford and growth of supply

b) High quality sustainable homes – safe, warm, resources efficient and promoting well-being:

Housing Journey and Support Actions – These actions linked into the Housing and Regeneration Directorate outcomes of:

a) Homes that meet people’s needs – accessing and keeping a home and supporting independent living

b) Sustainable communities – economically, physically and socially sustainable:

Pandemic impact

Of course, none of us could foresee what 2020 would bring by way of new challenges and priorities as we all moved to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Several bespoke groups were set up in quick response to the pandemic and we continue to work in close partnership in order to consider the implications of, and recovery from, COVID-19.  With these new groups in place we have reached the view that the time is now right to move away from the previous JHPDG structure to models of partnership working which build on these new structures.   

This report therefore brings the JHPDG to a close by both providing a summary of some of its work and achievements and outlining how the Scottish Government will continue to engage and collaborate with stakeholders.

JHPDG work and achievements

Meeting twice a year until Covid hit in the Spring of 2020, the group achieved a number of successes through a collaborative working approach. It strengthened the sharing of information, messaging and communications.  Below are some specific examples of where the JHPDG’s work is evident:

JHPDG also:

Future engagement and collaboration

The groups[1] listed below were set up in response to the pandemic and continue to meet regularly.

Looking ahead we will use the above groups, and engage with other partners as appropriate, to draw on the skills and expertise of the sector as a whole as we take forward future work as part of Housing to 2040[2].   

The content of this report does not necessarily reflect the official opinion of the Scottish Government. The views expressed in it are those of the individual author(s).

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[2] Housing to 2040 - (