Justice Committee - weekly update

19 Jul 2019 04:17 PM

At the end of sitting weeks the Justice Committee publishes a brief summary of its activities in the form of a weekly update.

This week (commencing 15 July 2019)

Report on Transforming Rehabilitation: follow-up

This week we published a short report on probation, following up our report last year on the same subject.

We said that the Government must address the damage caused by the mistaken Transforming Rehabilitation reforms. We called for:

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Evidence session on Tuesday 16 July

This week the Committee held its final evidence session for its inquiry into prisons governance. The Committee took evidence from:

The Committee asked questions about the oversight role of the Inspector and Independent Monitoring Boards; performance management; prison safety and decency; funding; leadership, and many other issues.

Published correspondence

Future business

Next week, the Committee will meet one more time in private. We will next meet in public after the Summer recess.

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