LGA responds to Greenpeace green homes ‘revolution’ report

21 Sep 2021 09:48 AM

Cllr David Renard, Local Government Association housing spokesperson, responded to a report by Greenpeace which has found that a green homes “revolution” could create 138,000 new jobs and inject £9.8 billion into the economy 

“This report highlights the significant social and economic benefits decarbonising homes and buildings can bring.

“Councils stand ready to play their part in delivering green improvements and tackling climate change. However they face challenges with the competitive, short-term nature of grant funding, which requires councils to have sufficient staffing and capacity to apply. 

“Providing long-term funding would better enable councils to help achieve our national net zero ambitions, supported by giving councils the flexibility to set energy efficiency standards above the current Building Regulation Standards. 

“Our own analysis found that to achieve net zero by 2050, nearly 28 million homes will need to change how they use energy through methods such as heating systems that produce next to no greenhouse emissions. This will require local leadership where councils as democratic organisations can ensure that the benefits are felt by all. 

“The Spending Review needs to provide councils with the tools, powers and flexibilities that they need to improve quality standards and decarbonise heat in existing and new build homes, as well as establish a national framework involving central and local government, and businesses, to address the climate emergency.”

Findings from a new report highlight the huge economic and social benefits that could be created by decarbonising the UK's housing