LGA responds to disposable coffee cup report

5 Jan 2018 02:05 PM

Cllr Martin Tett, Local Government Association Environment spokesman, responded to a report ‘Disposable packaging: Coffee Cups’ by the Environmental Audit Committee

“Councils have made significant progress in increasing levels of recycling, but this is frequently undermined by the scourge of disposable coffee cups, which have become a huge problem.

“Coffee cups are made of paper coated with a plastic layer which can contaminate other materials put out for recycling. This creates an extra cost for councils and can reduce overall recycling.

“We have long called for industry to step up and show more responsibility in tackling this issue, and councils would be keen to work with producers and discuss how the design and recycling of coffee cups can be improved.

“However we are clear that this is something that must be addressed by industry, and that any associated costs should not be passed onto consumers.”

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