Land Transaction Tax update: summer 2020

30 Jun 2020 01:03 PM

An update on our Land Transaction Tax (LTT) system, guidance, and events for tax professionals.

Your LTT dashboard is changing

From 23 July 2020, your LTT dashboard will be changing. We’ve reduced the number of returns you’ll see to maintain system performance and keep information secure.

You’ll have access to the last 150 LTT returns you have submitted or voided. Your drafts will remain for an unlimited amount of time.

Any amendment or reclaim of the higher rate of LTT will be included in the latest 150 returns.

Easier to add new users

From 23 July 2020, your LTT online administrators will be able to activate and deactivate users to your organisation’s account. We’ll update our registration guidance to reflect the new process on 23 July 2020.

Here’s a quick video showing the changes and how the system will look.

Your LTT online administrator will also be able to upgrade users to administrators. This means that your organisation will be able to have more than one administrator.

From this date, LTT online administrators will see a list of users registered for their organisation. They’ll need to maintain an up to date user list by deactivating or activating accounts when colleagues leave or join the organisation.

If your LTT online administrator has left your organisation please contact us so we can help you set one up.

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