Learn, look, make and think at the second ever Coventry Biennial

7 Jun 2019 02:04 PM

The second Coventry Biennial is set to unfold this October, with city-wide exhibitions, events and activities supported by the Arts Council.

The Biennial – titled The Twin – will mark the 75th anniversary of Coventry’s twinning with Volograd in Russia, the first modern twin cities in the world. Coventry now has 26 international twins and is known as a city that welcomes migrants and refugees. When walking the city’s streets Punjabi, Urdu and Polish can frequently be heard alongside accents from across the West Midlands, nearby Warwickshire and Ireland.

Artists and groups exhibiting in The Twin will explore themes, ideas and processes including translation, collaboration and togetherness while also exploring some of the difficulties presented by globalisation, political inequality and conflict.

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