Let's follow Wales' high flying universities and go global in a post-Brexit world, says Alun Cairns

10 Nov 2016 09:38 AM

The Welsh Secretary will urge leaders from all sectors across Wales to follow the example of Wales' universities – by seeking opportunities in Europe and beyond.

Alun Cairns will tonight (10 October) challenge the Welsh business and political establishment to use the example set by the higher education sector post-Brexit in a major speech at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Mr Cairns will make the call in the Forum Annual Lecture which he is delivering at the invitation of Cardiff Metropolitan University.

He will say: “We must all take a positive approach to make the most of the change Brexit will bring about.

“There is no better example of a university reaching out to the world than Cardiff Met”.

Mr Cairns will say it is time to think about Wales in the wider world in “five to 10 years time”.

He will say: “There has never been a greater need for a stable, outward looking, international approach from Government, business and universities here in the UK.

“The Wales Bill currently going through Parliament is “the opportunity to move discussion forward from convoluted constitutional debates to actually talking about the issues that really concern people on the doorstep”.

Mr Cairns will say that Wales has always had a strong voice in the wider world through culture, industry and innovation and that “the historic contribution of our country to the world, and the links with diaspora communities that continue today. I want to grow and strengthen these vital links across the globe.”

Mr Cairns is set to conclude “In this new post-Brexit world we have a tremendous opportunity, but also responsibility, to work together – UK Government, Welsh Government and the people of Wales – to deliver a future that works for everyone”.