Living wage 'champion' does not pay it to government cleaners

23 Jun 2015 12:52 PM

A multi-million pound company is accused of hypocrisy by PCS for championing the living wage but not paying it to its own staff who clean government departments.

ISS Facility Services – which has government cleaning contracts, including in the second largest department HM Revenue and Customs – is registered as a living wage employer and its chief executive Richard Sykes heads up a recently-launched living wage campaign group for 'service providers'.

The company posted pre-tax profits of £27 million, according to its latestaccounts, but none of its cleaners in HMRC receive the living wage. The government continues to refuse to insist private contractors pay it.

The union will be protesting outside ISS's Belfast office and HMRC's main office in Parliament Street, London, at 12.30pm on Monday (15).

Monday 15 June is recognised as international justice day for cleaners andsecurity guards and there are events being organised by unions and campaigners across the world.