Lords debate report on UK-EU movement of people after Brexit

17 Jul 2017 01:36 PM

Today, the House of Lords debates the Committee's report on the possible arrangements for migration of EU to the UK after the UK has left the EU and their likely implications.


The Prime Minister has said that "the message from the public before and during the referendum campaign was clear: Brexit must mean control of the number of people who come to Britain from Europe." In order to deliver this, the Government intends to put an end to the free movement of persons, one of the four freedoms underpinning the Single Market.

In view of the link between this issue and membership of – or access to – the Single Market, the precise manner in which the Government proposes to “end” free movement looks set to be a pivotal aspect of the United Kingdom’s approach to negotiations with the European Union. It could have far-reaching implications not only for the UK’s future trading relationship with the EU, but also for sectors of the UK economy—both public and private—that have come to rely on EU migrant labour, and for UK citizens whose current, reciprocal right to free movement within the EU is also set to end.

The Debate

The debate follows the publication of a report by the EU Home Affairs Committee which examines possible arrangements for migration of EU citizens to the UK after the UK has left the EU with a view to identifying the main choices available to the Government and their likely implications - including for UK citizens wishing to move to the EU in future. The report was published on the 6 March 2017.

The Committee's main conclusions included:

Speakers in the Debate

Other members of the House of Lords who are due to speak in the debate can be viewed on the Speakers' List.

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