Make your views heard in the RLA’s latest quarterly survey

7 Jan 2020 01:50 PM

The RLA’s latest quarterly survey is still open, and landlords are being urged to make their views heard on issues including adaptability and safet standards.

Thousands of landlords have already made their views heard, and this helps us to build a clear picture of landlord sentiment on a range of issues-and to build up a strong body of evidence.

Such evidence helps the RLA to represent landlords in the corridors of Westminster as well as in the Sened –read more about our campaigning work here.

Watch this video about the work of RLA PEARL

RLA PEARL is the RLA’s private evidence, analysis, and research lab. One of the key functions of PEARL is to carry out regular surveys with members. Watch researcher Nick Clay speak more about the work of RLA PEARL in this video.

Read the latest RLA PEARL research reports online here.