Meet the businesses helping get prison leavers in to work

24 Apr 2024 03:11 PM

As part of our efforts to reduce crime, fill gaps in the job market and grow the economy, we’re encouraging businesses to recruit more prison leavers.    

We’re encouraging businesses to recruit more prison leavers.    

As part of our efforts to reduce crime, fill gaps in the job market and grow the economy, we’re encouraging multi-national corporations – specifically white collar businesses – to hire reformed prison leavers.  

Employment reduces the chance of reoffending by roughly 10 percent. That’s why we are working hard to ensure people are ready for work as soon as they step outside the prison gates.    

Our plan includes working with businesses to upskill people during their time in prison, offering hundreds and thousands of people a second chance on release.    

Today, the government has announced a partnership with leading professional services firm KMPG – joining forces to encourage more businesses to recruit more prison leavers.    

New Futures Network, the Government’s dedicated employment team supports businesses to recruit from prisons and have worked closely to build some of our key partnerships, including those below:    


KPMG UK has employed its first prison leavers across a range of permanent roles so far, with an ambition to recruit more this year. The majority are in jobs relating to tech.   

They worked with Prison Employment Leads to recruit for roles in their technology support team by hosting selection events in prisons, in which they tested prisoner’s aptitudes.   

The charity Antz Junction then provided support in the community for those who were offered roles and took up employment with KPMG.    

The organisation’s New Futures Programme, which helps test and learn how best to offer prison leavers the opportunity of permanent employment at the organisation, is currently being piloted.   

Redemption Roasters   

Redemption Roasters is a social enterprise which equip prisoners with valuable skills in coffee roasting, barista techniques and wider hospitality sector skills.   

Since their partnership with HM Prison and Probation Service, they have trained nearly 900 former prisoners – either in custody or in the community.    

67% of prison leavers who have since left the company have moved onto better opportunities such as further employment.    


Marston’s pub chain launched its ‘Excel’ prison leaver programme in late 2022.   

Through a government-backed recruitment campaign in October 2022, Marston’s hosted over 6 events and established regional working groups to fill skills gaps in the hospitality sector.   

In October 2023, Marston’s opened ‘The Lock Inn’ academy at HMP Liverpool, aiming to train prisoners to Marston’s standards for direct employment upon release.   

They plan to offer Release on Temporary Licence and apprenticeship opportunities nationwide. 

Rail Centre Excellence at HMP Highpoint 

HMP Highpoint’s Rail Centre of Excellence program guarantees prison leavers employment upon release.  

The scheme, and state-of-the-art facilities, gives prisoners industry-standard training to lay and maintain rail infrastructure.  The project is funded by the Government and facilitated by City & Guilds (C&G). 

The course duration is 22 days in total, and involves a mix of practical and theory learning. C&G trainers provide a Peer Mentor to support those with English and Maths if needed.  

Since its inception HMP Highpoint have, up to 12 March 2024, delivered 10 rail track courses with 94 men successfully graduating from the course.