Meeting the demand for mobile testing to fight coronavirus

22 Jul 2020 03:30 PM

CCS framework secured 20 specially adapted mobile coronavirus testing vehicles, within a 2 week timescale.

Mobile testing is important in delivering the government’s strategy to fight coronavirus. The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) needed specially adapted long wheel-based vehicles with modifications.

These upgrades included internal bulkheads, wash basins, hand sanitiser stations, clinical waste bins, and wash down linings. The vehicles also needed powered cool boxes, shelving and storage for traffic cones, gazebos, tables, chairs, personal protection equipment and first aid boxes.

The timeline from confirming the specification to delivery was just 10 days, though it was expected some vehicles would be available within 6 days.

CCS stepped in, with its Flexible Rental commercial agreement (RM6096 Lot 4), to ensure compliant contracts with established framework partners.

This ensured contracts met the highest levels of probity and value for money, even during these challenging times.

An order was placed with Enterprise, which created a small project team to source the vehicles and suppliers within the required standards and timeframes. They also had to acquire large volumes of loose items from suppliers across the UK.

This challenge would have been difficult in normal circumstances, but during a pandemic, when many suppliers were closed or on reduced capacity and with many resources scarce, it became a major project for a team having to work remotely from each other. 

The results 

Seven vehicles were ready for delivery on day 6, 8 were ready on day 7, and 5 were complete just 8 days after the initial order was received.

Using existing frameworks and supplier relationships CCS delivered against a demanding specification and timescale. A further 120 vehicles were delivered by Enterprise before the end of the month. 

RM6096 Lot 4 is a nimble, contract-free, flexible rental solution for public sector fleet operators. It offers total flexibility over the vehicle type, duration, and specification. As we emerge from lockdown with the future still uncertain, CCS believes flexible rental, through RM6096 should play an increasingly important role in fleet decision making within the public sector.

Please view the agreement page for further information about the framework and how CCS can support you with your fleet requirements.