NHS Confederation - Phil McCarvill: The planning guidance for 2017-19 is useful and needs to see ongoing alignment

26 Sep 2016 04:43 PM

Phil McCarvill, Deputy Director of Policy at the NHS Confederation, has responded to the publication of NHS England and NHS Improvement's Planning Guidance for 2017-19.

“The guidance is clear and useful but the proof will be in the delivery and alignment of both organisational and local STPs. Local commissioners and providers are being asked to achieve something that is longer term and wider reaching than ever before.

“We know that STP areas are being asked to move incredibly quickly and will need clarity, guidance and support to help them deliver. This guidance is a move in the right direction to making health and care better and more sustainable. We all need to support local efforts to develop and implement collaborative plans that deliver for their local populations. The national bodies must continue to work together and align regulation and policies which would help organisations to work closer together.”

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