NHS Improvement forms new advisory panels to bring together expertise from across the NHS

17 Mar 2016 10:19 AM

National improvement body announces the formation of new advisory panels.

Chairs and chief executives from across the NHS are being brought together to provide advice to the new organisation responsible for supporting the NHS as it meets the challenge of revolutionising care to meet the changing need of patients.

The leadership of NHS Improvement – which brings together Monitor, the NHS Trust Development Authority and other teams from NHS England – will be advised by the 2 new panels: one made up of current NHS chief executives, the other of current NHS chairs.

The panels – which will meet every few months – will provide feedback on things working well in their own organisations as well as offering advice on new policies and proposals designed to lead to real improvements for patients and seeking advice for dealing with ongoing issues.

They will operate alongside our continuing work with NHS Providers and the NHS Confederation.

They both have representatives from across the NHS, including from acute, specialist, ambulance, community and mental health providers.

The chief executives panel consists of

The chairs panel consists of:

Jim Mackey, Chief Executive of NHS Improvement said:

Ideas for how we improve the experience patients receive from the NHS won’t come from the centre, but are being implemented day in, day out across the sector.

That’s why I’ve called together some of the most experienced Chief Executives from all around the NHS – from acute, specialist, mental health and community providers – to share their experiences and make sure that, when NHS Improvement decides something, it will have the support of the people whose organisations will need to implement it.

Ed Smith, Chair of NHS Improvement added:

As the national improvement body, we are in a unique position to bring together people from around the NHS to share ideas, experience and views with the goal of making a difference to the lives of patients.

These panels are a great example of a concrete thing NHS Improvement can do to learn from, and to share ideas around, the sector.