Network Services 2 awarded

30 Oct 2019 01:44 PM

The new agreement provides access to mobile, voice, video and data services including security and surveillance.

Suppliers have been chosen for a new government procurement agreement designed to help public sector bodies to get the best deal on their telecommunications.

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has awarded places to 95 suppliers – 58% of them small and medium-sized enterprises – for its Network Services 2 agreement.

The deal will provide public bodies with access to mobile, voice, video and data telecommunications services including WiFi, security and email. 

Ieuan Trigger, CCS’s Deputy Director for Technology, said:

“Network Services 2 has the capacity to help change the way government bodies and the wider public sector communicate with – and for – the public they serve. 

“By working with customers, suppliers and industry bodies throughout its design and construction we have arrived at an innovative solution which will drive successful transformation across government.”

The new agreement was designed following engagement with telecommunications suppliers and public sector customers from across the UK, including workshops hosted in partnership with trade body Innopsis and Tech UK. 

The agreement features an expanded roster of suppliers in key areas such as Internet Access & Unified Communications, and three new telecommunications lots; for radio, CCTV and contact centres. 

It will run for three years, with the option to extend by a further 12 months.

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