New ideas for tackling disease: apply for business funding

2 Aug 2018 02:58 PM

Businesses can apply for a share of £15 million to better detect, prevent, manage and treat disease and chronic health conditions.

There is up to £15 million for new healthcare technologies, products and processes that support the most innovative opportunities in the life sciences sectors.

We are looking for ideas to:

The funding is available through the Biomedical Catalyst, which is a partnership between Innovate UK and the Medical Research Council.

There are 2 competitions in this funding round, one for primer awards and another for late-stage projects.

Support for many health projects

The Biomedical Catalyst supports projects from any sector or discipline including:

Organisations that have received funding in previous rounds include Entia, which has received more than £1 million from Innovate UK, much of it through the Biomedical Catalyst.

This has allowed it to work with The Royal Marsden Hospital to develop a hand-held blood testing kit that can be used at home by chemotherapy patients to help them better manage their treatment and limit the number of unnecessary visits they need to make to the hospital.

The system – which has won an AXA PPP Health Tech & You Challenge award – is also likely to have other applications outside cancer care because blood counts are so widely used in hospitals and GP practices.

Primer awards

Technical evaluation through to proof of concept

Up to £5 million is available for ‘primer’ projects, which cover a technical evaluation of an idea through to proof of concept.

They could include:

Competition information

Find out more about the competition for primer awards and apply.

Late-stage awards

Testing a well-developed concept

Up to £10 million is available for late-stage projects. These are projects that test a well-developed concept in an environment that is relevant to its use.

These could include:

Competition information

Find out more about the competition for late-stage awards and apply.