New image recognition technology in design and trade mark search

3 Dec 2019 11:29 AM

Surpassing the high quality solutions already in place in image recognition, the EUIPO has implemented a new artificial intelligence solution (AI) to allow its users to carry out image-based searches for designs and trade marks, with new algorithms in place both in eSearch Plus and TMView.

In the advanced search function of eSearch Plus, the new algorithms can make Locarno and Vienna class suggestions based on uploaded images, thus making searches for trade marks and designs easier.

EUIPO and image recognition for designs: the basics

Upload up to seven view images of a design to see if anything similar is already registered at the EUIPO. This fast, free of charge service is not only helpful before filing, but is also useful afterwards as a means to monitor your IP right.

Replacing the beta version, another new notable feature is that the system can automatically make suggestions to narrow down searches by identifying Locarno classes in the image.

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