New trade and investment data published

12 Feb 2021 03:08 PM

The Department for International Trade (DIT) recently (12 February 2021) published for the first time detailed summaries of the UK’s trade and investment relationships with over 200 overseas trading partners.

New factsheets, made accessible on, will bring together key data on the value of trade and investment between the UK and 222 individual markets, using statistics from the Office for National Statistics, HM Revenue & Customs, as well as other international organisations.

They will include details such as the value of exports and imports between countries and the top goods and services that the UK trades with its international partners, including key FTA trade partners. In addition, statistics relating to the levels of Foreign Direct Investment from the UK to other markets and vice versa will also be published.

Richard Price, Director of Analysis and Chief Economist at the Department for International Trade, recently said:

“This is the first time DIT has brought together statistics to provide a consolidated picture of the level of trade and investment between the UK and more than 220 international partner countries, demonstrating our commitment to openness, transparency, and making it easier to get insights from data.

“These new Official Statistics collate data from domestic and international organisations to give users a valuable source of information that shines a spotlight on the UK’s trade and investment positions around the world.”

The new factsheets will be updated periodically when new data are available and are accessible to the public on


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