Next Generation Quantum Hardware Launching at CES 2020

3 Jan 2020 11:50 AM

techUK CES 2020: GUEST BLOG – Miniaturising cold atoms to transfer the accessibility of quantum technology.

Miniaturising Cold Atoms to Transfer The Accessibility Of Quantum Technology – 

Guest Blog: Dr. Andrei Dragomir Explains How Aquark Technologies Promises to Unlock The Future of Quantum Technology at Ces In Las Vegas. 

Aquark Technologies promises to unlock the future of quantum technology with their miniaturised hardware, and is unveiling it’s first design for portable atomic clocks at CES in Las Vegas. 

Aquark Technologies’ product is built around a unique microfabricated ultra-high vacuum chamber and employs cold atom technology. The result is the first simple, plug-and-play quantum device on the market that includes cold atoms.  

Whilst the feat of the atomic clock represents the first step in the market for Aquark Technologies, the startup’s main focus is on the vacuum chamber and novel optical geometry that sits at the heart of it’s devices, which allow the miniaturisation of most quantum technology-based systems. This miniaturisation promises to do for quantum technology what miniaturising transistors did for semiconductor. 

“As proven by many lab-based experiments, quantum technology offers so many opportunities for incredible technology advances, however most of this is currently unreachable by users or companies due to the size, weight and level of complexity. We will turn these incredible but complex devices into simple to use, plug-and-play systems and we are delighted to present at CES the potential miniaturisation of future quantum devices.”  explains Dr Andrei Dragomir, Founder of Aquark Technologies.  

Aquark Technologies is based on research undertaken at the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Southampton and will be launching at the Future Worlds (University of Southampton’s start-up accelerator) Booths 51733 and 51735. 

Aquark Technologies is seeking commercial partners and potential investors. 

About Aquark Technologies

Aquark Technologies a startup from the University of Southampton that is dramatically reducing the size of a core component of quantum technology. The business was founded by Dr. Andrei Dragomir from the Quantum, Light and Matter Group and is preparing its enabling technology for the next generation of computing, sensing and communications applications.

Future Worlds

Future Worlds is the on-campus startup accelerator at the University of Southampton, helping aspiring student and academic entrepreneurs change the world with their ideas. 

Future Worlds accelerates new ventures through inspiring events, workshops, investor pitching opportunities, commercial partners and mentoring from a network of seasoned founders, early stage investors and millionaire entrepreneurs.

Visit stand 51733 and 51735 at CES 2020 to meet the founders.