Oman: UK and Oman sign Comprehensive Agreement

23 May 2019 03:51 PM

The UK and Oman have signed a Comprehensive Agreement, promising cooperation across a number of sectors.

The Omani Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs His Excellency Yousef bin Alawi and the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom Jeremy Hunt met on 22 May in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to sign the UK-Oman Comprehensive Agreement which demonstrates the two countries’ shared commitment to working together in a number of sectors including science, health, technology and innovation.

Marking the ceremony, both Ministers said:

When we met in March, we signed the Joint Declaration on Enduring Friendship which signalled both our countries intent to strengthen and deepen an already historic relationship. For decades, His Majesty, Sultan Qaboos and British Prime Ministers have been at the forefront in ensuring that our close friendship has been maintained in the spirit of the 1800 ‘Unshook’ treaty, ably supported by H.E. Yousef bin Alawi, H.E. Sayyid Badr bin Hamad and British Foreign Secretaries who have all supported this commitment throughout the decades, to the present day.

Today, we are honoured to have signed the Comprehensive Agreement on Enduring Friendship in the same spirit. This agreement, in addition to the Joint Defence Agreement signed in 21 February 2019, is a firm demonstration of our commitment to take our centuries-old relationship into a new era of cooperation, sharing expertise and experiences which will benefit generations to come, including in people to people links, technology, science, education, health, culture, innovation, prosperity and growth, and fisheries and agriculture.

The friendship between the UK and Oman is deep, historic and enduring. This is particularly important in light of current regional tensions, and we are speaking to both Iran and the US to ensure that there is no further escalation, which would be in no one’s interests. In that regard, we are pleased to have had the opportunity to discuss issues of mutual importance and shared values including dialogue on our cooperation to bring peace to Yemen.