Ordnance Survey transforms the way customers access, share and innovate with world-leading geospatial data

1 Jul 2020 04:27 PM

Ordnance Survey (OS) has launched a new geospatial data platform to transform the way people access and innovate with location data.

Ordnance Survey (OS) has launched a new geospatial data platform to transform the way people access and innovate with location data.

Through the new platform, known as the OS Data Hub, businesses and developers will have direct and immediate access to OS's most detailed and trusted location data and property level information. For the first time, users will be able to get free access, up to a monthly threshold, to OS MasterMap, one of the most detailed location datasets in the world via a series of new APIs.

The easy to use APIs will make it quicker and easier for users to work with OS data and connect directly to a range of datasets, supplying the latest updates on demand. The APIs are set to transform the way that OS data is used in apps and services. They will enable enhanced data visualisations, improved insight and data analytics, as well as supporting existing customer applications such as navigation and asset management.

In addition to OS MasterMap, the APIs will provide up to £1,000 per month of free access to a range of other premium datasets including the iconic 1:25 000 leisure mapping and road network data, as well as unlimited free access to OS OpenData products.

Chris Chambers, Head of PSGA at OS, yesterday said:

"Today, OS's trusted and authoritative data is relied on by businesses and the public sector to support decision making and underpin their products and services; it has become part of the fabric of everyday life.

"The new OS Data Hub and APIs are a significant step in improving access and usability of OS data and I look forward to seeing a new wave of developers working with data on the next generation of apps and services."

The launch of the OS Data Hub follows a successful trial with over 700 users exploring the potential of what is possible. Feedback from the trial has been overwhelmingly positive, with users sharing ideas for a huge number of potential use cases for the APIs and datasets.

As a participant in the trial Andrew Terry, Technical Director at Centremaps, yesterday said:

"Had the APIs been available when we first began developing a service then our time to market would have been significantly reduced along with removing financial and technical investment barriers."

The new and enhanced free APIs available via the OS Data Hub include:

In addition to the new data hub and APIs, OS is launching a number of other significant developments to support both existing and new customers. These include reducing barriers to entry into premium data, freeing up licensing terms and expanding the OS OpenData portfolio of high quality, maintained location data. Key developments include:

This announcement is the first output from the Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA) which was launched in April 2020. Through the agreement, OS will be delivering new data with improved accessibility and increased freedoms to share.

Director of the Geospatial Commission, Thalia Baldwin, yesterday said:

“Better data and improved access is crucial to our recovery and growth. improving access to Ordnance Survey’s MasterMap, combined with the release of the core UPRN and USRN location data identifiers that form the golden thread that links activity in a range of sectors - from housing, transport and retail to emergency response, public health and environmental impacts - to outcomes that support increased productivity and economic value.”

Steve Blair, CEO of Ordnance Survey, adds:

"These new services, datasets and changes to licensing are only the beginning. We have an ambitious plan, working in collaboration with the Geospatial Commission and expert user groups, to bring improvements and new developments that will show customers how to see a better place and deliver positive impact. We look forward to working closely with our customers to ensure that our data continues to support business and innovation, efficient delivery of public services, and economic value for the UK."

The OS Data Hub can be accessed via – https://osdatahub.os.uk. Here you can access the new APIs and find out more information on the available OS datasets and products.