Organised crime gang members are jailed for large scale drugs and guns supply

29 Apr 2024 11:35 AM

A Luton-based organised criminal gang leader and associates have been imprisoned today for the trading of illegal drugs, guns, and ammunition.

Mohammed Waqas Khan (DOB: 02/12/1988) was sentenced for conspiracy to supply illegal drugs and firearms offences to 27 years and 6 months imprisonment and Michael Orishadare (DOB: 26/03/1988) was sentenced for conspiracy to supply illegal drugs offences to 24 years at Luton Crown Court.

Two defendants sentenced for OCG drugs and guns supply

Left to right: Mohammed Waqas Khan and Michael Orish

The investigation and CPS prosecution review revealed that this case involved the supply and distribution of illegal drugs, guns and ammunition. The defendants were part of an organised criminal gang (OCG) who sold 100s of kilos of illicit drugs which were largely cocaine and heroin.

The OCG hand to use the threat of force to accompany their drug trade so they acquired six semi-automatic handguns along with 180 rounds of ammunition. The intention was to sell some of these weapons to other drug dealers and keep the rest for themselves.

Most of the members of this OCG used specialist encrypted phones known as an Encrochat phones which are used to stop the police being able to access these messages. However the police was eventually able to uncover these messages which revealed that these defendants were heavily involved in drug dealing with Mohammed Khan being the ring leader. Orishadare and other defendants (Mohammed Shergul Khan, Mohammed Ahmed, and Aftab Ayub) acted as couriers in this trading operation.

Mohammed Khan and two others custody imaage

Left to right: Mohammed Shergul Khan, Mohammed Ahmed and Aftab Ayub

Malcolm McHaffie of the CPS said:

“These seven defendants made up the key elements of an organised crime group who were ruthless intent in supplying illegal drugs regardless of the impact to communities in this country for purely selfish and greedy purposes.

“Also, they were prepared to sell guns to other gangs and keep some of this weaponry to violently protect their own business dealings.

“We will pursue confiscation proceedings against the defendants to ensure that they pay back the money they gained through this organised criminal activity.”

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