Patients Association Welcomes Personal Pregnancy Plans

25 Feb 2016 06:49 PM

The Patients Association is welcoming a recent report that provides a ‘blueprint for safer maternity care’.

The report offers all women the choice to give birth where they want, with the support of the same midwife throughout, and for pregnant women to have a personal maternity care budget that can be spent on the NHS care of their choosing. 

Responding to the ‘Better Births’ NHS England report, Katherine Murphy, Chief Executive of the Patients Association said: 

“We welcome the suggestion of personalised, individualised maternity plans that recognise the needs and wants of mothers. Every pregnancy is unique, so a personal plan will surely be reassuring to any mother. In particular, a personalised system will enable the NHS to provide the correct programme of care when a pregnancy is not going to plan, rather than mothers only being able to access a fixed schedule of standard appointments and scans. Pregnancy is a baby’s first experience of the NHS and it is important that the care results in a good experience for mother and baby.”

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