People intend to be more active as lockdown eases

30 Jun 2020 02:17 PM

The latest results from our coronavirus survey show activity levels have dropped as restrictions have eased, but people do want to be more active.

Lockdown has given the nation a new desire to exercise, with 60% of the population intending to be more active as restrictions are eased.

Throughout the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, we’ve been measuring activity levels and attitudes towards activity through a survey conducted by Savanta ComRes.

The latest figures, taken from data collected on 19-22 June, show activity levels have dropped slightly compared to the initial phase of lockdown, as many schools, shops and workplaces reopen.

A disabled cyclist, riding a trike, rides with her down past an elderly couple on a path.

Pre-coronavirus, our latest Active Lives Adult Survey showed activity levels to be at a record high, with 28.6 million adults doing at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity a week.

However, during lockdown lives have inevitably changed and not everyone has met that level of activity – with 52% feeling guilty for not doing more.

New habits have been formed though, with walking, running and cycling being the most popular ways to keep active and 62% of people intending to keep walking and cycling for everyday journeys as restrictions ease.

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