Planning authorities must make more affordable housing available

9 Jul 2019 11:22 AM

Housing and Local Government Minister Julie James will accept all but one of the recommendations from the Independent Review on Affordable Housing Supply, and has written to planning authorities across Wales to emphasise that local development plans must support sites made up of at least 50% affordable housing. 

In an Oral Statement to the Assembly today, she will say: 

Julie James said:

I am clear that our significant investment in affordable housing must be used as effectively as possible, where it is needed most. This is why I am taking action based on the review recommendations.

I am also writing to all local authorities to ensure they are taking all opportunities to create housing developments with at least 50% affordable housing in Wales. With the removal of the Housing Revenue Account borrowing cap, and support from Welsh Government to build affordable housing, I want them to ensure this is a key part of reviewing their Local Development Plans.

The Minister will respond to the remaining recommendation from the Independent Review on Affordable Housing Supply on Help to Buy in the autumn.