Plans for new legal protection for NHS whistleblowers

11 Feb 2015 03:32 PM

A new report on progress made across the health system has been published, along with plans to protect those who speak up about poor care.

Culture change in the NHS shows how action is helping to make the NHS more transparent, safer and more compassionate since the Francis Inquiry. It also sets out new measures to further improve the culture of the NHS, including:

You can also see progress against the Francis Inquiry recommendations in afully searchable online version.

Sir Robert Francis has also published his review into whistleblowing in the NHS yesterday.

The government has accepted in principle all of Sir Robert’s recommendations, including proposed new legislation to protect whistleblowers who are applying for NHS jobs from discrimination by prospective employers.

The government will also shortly consult on other measures including:

The final decision on how the recommendations are implemented will be made following consultation.

You can read the Health Secretary’s statement to Parliament.