Prepare to deliver – how to keep your fleet on the road this winter

19 Oct 2020 04:30 PM

It’s more crucial than ever that the public sector fleet stays on the road this winter. Here's how to keep your fleet keep moving, whatever the weather.

With a challenging winter fast approaching, it’s essential that those with a responsibility for managing the public sector fleet take the time to ensure they are properly prepared for the months ahead. 

Whether you’re a blue light organisation charged with keeping us safe, a charity taking care of the most vulnerable, or a council delivering essential public services – to function effectively, your fleet must stay on the road all winter, in all conditions. 

Where to begin?

Firstly, we recommend you focus on some quick and easy wins. Making sure you follow these 6 principles can, for minimal effort, help keep your drivers safe, your organisation protected and your fleet on the road, delivering those vital services day after day.

Our most popular winter solutions

Following the above principles can certainly help your fleet perform robustly this winter, but we understand that sometimes, you need a little extra help. At CCS, our suite of Total Fleet Solutions are here to help power to your fleet come rain, shine or snow. 

Here are our most popular winter solutions that keep fleets up and down the country on the road, delivering vital services, every winter.

A wide range of tyres can be procured through this agreement, including winter tyres, cross climate and all-season tyres. 

Also under this agreement, fleet checks can be carried out to ensure that your tyres are maintained to your organisation’s desired tread depth (the legal limit for tread depth is 1.6mm). 

If you need extra support, our expert team is here to guide you, while our suppliers are available to discuss your requirements, ensuring you have the right tyres for your fleet.

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Both of these agreements enable buyers to obtain turnkey solutions for all of their specialist winter vehicles.

Base vehicles can be purchased via the Vehicle Purchase agreement and converted into specialist vehicles such as gritter lorries and snow ploughs by the converters on our Vehicle Conversion Dynamic Purchasing Agreement.

In addition, the Vehicle Purchase agreement can be used for the supply of after-sales servicing and maintenance packages, including the supply of vehicle parts and spares. 

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Learn more about Vehicle Conversions

While it’s common knowledge that vehicle maintenance is key to keeping your fleet on the road, especially during the winter months, the part telematics can play in that is only now gaining prominence. 

Telematics can allow you to capture and analyse vehicle data – such as usage, fuel consumption and driver behaviour – meaning you can make evidence-based decisions that keep your fleet performing efficiently and cost-effectively. 

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Next steps

We understand how important it is to keep your fleet on the road this winter. Our suite of Total Fleet Solutions are here to help you to do just that. From insurance to telematics, vehicle purchase to vehicle conversions, we’re got you covered.

For any fleet-related enquiries, get in touch with our team of experts.