Preserving social security entitlements in the event of no-deal Brexit: Draft contingency measures

25 Feb 2019 12:41 PM

The European Union is taking measures to safeguard the social security rights of citizens of EU member states in the UK and UK nationals in the EU 27 who have benefited from the right of free movement before the UK's withdrawal from the Union.

Member states' ambassadors in the Council's Permanent Representatives Committee recently approved the text of a draft regulation on establishing contingency measures in the field of social security coordination. Coreper will now inform the European Parliament that if it adopts its position at first reading in the same form, the Council should be able to approve the European Parliament’s position.

The measures are limited in time and scope and will be adopted unilaterally by the EU. The regulation will enter into force only if the UK leaves the Union with no withdrawal agreement in place.

Marius-Constantin Bud─âi, Minister of Labour and Social Justice of Romania recently said:

The draft regulation ensures that member states will continue to apply the core principles of EU social security coordination. The contingency measures will guarantee that EU 27 and UK nationals, who moved freely within the Union, will continue to benefit from their social security rights acquired before UK's withdrawal from the Union.

The regulation will apply to the following persons:

The draft regulation is without prejudice to the existing social security conventions and agreements between the UK and one or more member states.

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