Recruiting now for Head of Practice

10 Nov 2017 12:01 PM

Contact Christine Elliott if you think that you have the experience and skills to contribute to the Collaborate team.

We are looking for a new Head of Practice who will lead defined areas of our work: winning and delivering client assignments as well as offering intellectual and managerial leadership within the team and externally. This individual will be very well organised, sector agnostic, but with a proven knowledge of Local Authorities.

Read through the Head of Practice role description, then send yourCV and contact details to Christine Elliott, Executive Director, to register your interest.

Collaborate is expanding organically and we are also deepening our talent pool in the junior and middle range. Even if you aren’t looking for a move right now, but know and like our work and want to be on our radar, please drop us a line with a CV and contact details attached.

The artwork is by Brian Clarke of Oldham, one of the many places we are privileged to work in.

Collaborate CIC is a recognised leader in the design and delivery of collaborative social change and has been at the forefront of new ideas in place-based practice. We exist to support a citizen-centric approach to public services, and have deep expertise in building the right preconditions to make this happen. Collaborate operates across the UK.

To find out more about our work, contact the team.

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