Remote health monitoring of people in custody: apply for funding

22 Jan 2019 04:31 PM

Organisations can apply for a share of up to £150,000 to develop a remote health monitoring and viewing platform for the police.

Systems able to detect the condition of people in custody are necessary for ensuring the safety of both individuals within custody suites and the healthcare professionals tasked with monitoring them.

Working with Innovate UK, Police Scotland has up to £150,000 to invest in projects that can remotely monitor individuals and provide an early warning and intervention alert system, improving custody health and welfare outcomes.

Funding is provided by the CAN DO Innovation Challenge Fund and is under the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) programme.

Find out more about the Small Business Research Initiative.

Multiple people at different locations

This competition is looking to develop systems that can view and monitor the health of multiple people at different locations.

This should include:

Projects must be able to look at remote monitoring without using wearable devices and be transferable to any custody suite in Scotland.

A 2-phase competition

The competition will run in 2 phases.

The first phase will award research and development contracts to organisations to demonstrate the technical feasibility of their idea. A total of £150,000 including VAT is allocated to this phase.

More money could be made available to successful phase 1 applicants in a second phase. Up to 2 projects could get up to £200,000 each including VAT to develop a prototype and undertake field testing.

Competition information

Find out more about this competition and apply.

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