Replying to requests for information

4 Jan 2021 05:01 PM

Customers will have more time to reply to requests for information (requisitions) from Monday 11 January.

We will be extending the period of time customers have to respond to requests for information (requisitions) for most applications. This will come into effect on Monday (11 January) where customers will have 40 days to reply to a requisition letter (C90), after which they will receive a reminder of cancellation (C90a) allowing a further 20 days in which to reply.

We know many requisitions are a result of waiting for third parties to provide information or consent. These issues can be resolved and transactions completed if given the appropriate time.

Giving customers more time to reply to resolve requisition points will reserve the priority of the original application for longer and reduce the administrative burden on all of us from requests being made for more time and the cancellations of applications.

Customers are asked not to wait for the reminder to reply to an outstanding requisition. They can use View My Applications to find any outstanding requisitions, or check the progress of an application.

In the spring our Digital Registration Service (DRS) will reduce the number of requisitions sent due to simple errors such as name discrepancy or fee errors. This tool can be used to reduce the overall number of requisitions customers receive.

How to request more time

Requests can be made using reply to requisition, Application Enquiry, our contact form or by phone.