Research will support the expansion of treescapes in the UK

22 Sep 2022 03:21 PM

Six major research projects will explore the most effective ways to expand the UK’s trees, hedgerows, woodlands and forests in rural and urban settings.

View of a tree above at night.

Forests and other treescapes account for more than 13% of the UK’s land surface, and capture approximately 21 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year. This provides an important contribution to the UK’s goal of reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

They also:

Expanding woodlands and forests

The six interdisciplinary studies announced have received a share of £3 million funding over the next two years from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). Each will improve our understanding of the composition of treescapes in the UK, and their value to people and the planet.

The research will also support the government’s ambition to increase tree cover across the country.

Improving understanding of treescapes

The six projects will:

Six innovative studies

Involving multidisciplinary teams led by six research institutes, the studies are part of the £15.6 million Future of UK Treescapes Programme.

The programme is designed to answer the ‘what, where, how and for whom’ of treescape expansion and will help us to better safeguard our trees, woods and forests.

The research will also investigate the importance of tree expansion in urban spaces, why we connect with woodlands, and how we encourage landowners and farmers to plant more trees.

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