Sage report on Building a Competitive, Ethical AI Economy

13 Aug 2018 02:57 PM

Businesses and government alike need to address the ethical issues surrounding AI.

Earlier this month Sage published its position paper, Building a Competitive, Ethical AI Economy, outlining the key steps for government and businesses to put ethical AI principles into practice to benefit industry, government and society. The paper was compiled with participation from government representatives and global businesses, including techUK.

The paper outlines actionable insights for business and society to leverage AI-powered technologies in an ethical, trustworthy and sustainable way. According to the paper, industry leaders and government must work closely with AI experts to put ethical principles into practice under four key pillars:

1. Introducing AI corporate governance and ethical frameworks

2. Demystifying AI and sharing accountability

3. Building human trust in corporate AI

4. Welcoming AI into the workforce

Taking practical steps to address the ethical issues posed by AI should be an ongoing priority for government and businesses alike. On Wednesday 12 December, we’ll be hosting techUK’s Digital Ethics Summit, bringing together key stakeholders to assess the progress made over the last twelve months to build the capacity and capabilities needed to recognise, identify and address digital ethical issues and concerns. We will consider whether the practical action that has been taken is enough and discuss what more may be needed.  Registration for techUK’s Digital Ethics Summit will be open shortly.

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