Scottish independence referendum: Personal finance pack launched

2 Jun 2014 03:44 PM

Latest In the Know factsheet highlights how the UK helps safeguard the finances of Scottish people. 

The key ways the UK helps safeguard the personal finances of people in Scotland are highlighted in the latest UK Government In the Know pack, which is launched today.

In the Know focuses on household bills including the everyday things we need and essentials like energy, mortgage bills, pensions and savings, setting out the full facts about the effect an independent Scotland could have on household budgets.

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This follows on from last week’s report from the UK Treasury that said that every Scot would be £1,400 better off every year living in a united kingdom.

Here’s what staying in the Union means for Scottish household budgets and savings:

Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander said:

I am determined that people have access to the full facts needed to make one of the most important decisions in Scottish history. People are rightly concerned about how their families’ finances could be affected by independence.

That’s why we’re publishing ‘In the Know’ which sets out for families how essential costs like housing and energy bills are kept lower in the UK.

The pack sets out five key things that show how Scotland’s finances are stronger as part of the United Kingdom.