Socitm proposes creation of a local government digital service

1 Sep 2014 03:01 PM

A properly funded local digital service, and much empowered in-house digital teams, are better ways to achieve an improved online experience than the single website for local government that has been proposed in some quarters.

This is the conclusion of Collaborating and sharing digital assets: towards a local government digital service? Socitm’s latest briefing.

Relying upon volunteer, grass roots activism (like the LocalGov Digital initiative) and subscription-based membership models (like Socitm or Looking Local), is unlikely to deliver digital transformation at scale within the sector.

It is equally unrealistic to expect a sector where there is a history of patchy implementation of digital, and where funding is extremely tight, to suddenly change its approach without some sort of financial kick-start.

In central government, for example, GDS has been heavily funded to create digital transformation.

The briefing is free to all to download for our topical briefings library.