South East Wales Transport Commission publishes update and early recommendations

17 Dec 2019 03:41 PM

The South East Wales Transport Commission yesterday (17 December) published a report, providing an update on its work and recommending a small number of ‘fast-track’ measures for easing congestion on the M4.

The Commission was established by the Minister for Economy and Transport following the decision by the First Minister of Wales not to proceed with the M4 Relief Road.

The Commission’s progress update includes ‘fast-track’ recommendations to Welsh Ministers to:

Beyond this, the Commission is considering solutions to improve the transport network across South East Wales. The focus of future recommendations will be much broader than the initial ‘fast-track’ recommendations relating to the M4, and will include alternative transport modes.

Lord Burns, Chair of the South East Wales Transport Commission, said:

I wholeheartedly recognise the scale and importance of the task to improve acute transport issues within the region.

Our aim as a Commission is to recommend a set of measures which will improve transport in a sustainable way that supports the wider well-being of people who live, work and travel in South East Wales.

The recommendations in this initial report are measures that can be swiftly implemented. I believe they will have a modest but noticeable effect on alleviating congestion on the M4.

Our longer-term recommendations will encompass a much wider set of measures, relating to bus, rail, active travel, road improvement, governance and wider policies.

Written Statement: South East Wales Transport Commission report