Statement on Brunei from the Minister of State for Asia

4 Apr 2019 12:57 PM

Statement given yesterday by the Minister of State for Asia, Mark Field on the new Sharia laws introduced in Brunei.

Minister of State for Asia, Mark Field yesterday said:

I am disappointed that hudud punishments under the Sharia Penal Code were introduced in Brunei today. This is despite the UK and the international community repeatedly raising our deep concerns regarding these laws with the Government of Brunei.

The UK strongly opposes capital and corporal punishment, whatever the crime. We strongly support LGBT+ rights and are clear that nobody should face persecution or discrimination because of who they are or who they love.

The Government of Brunei have reassured us that the Common Law will operate in parallel with the Sharia Penal Code and will continue to be the primary means of administering justice in Brunei. I urge Brunei to ensure that this is the case and to uphold its international human rights obligations.

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