Submit an innovation challenge for the GovTech Catalyst round 3

9 Oct 2018 03:25 PM

Public sector organisations can submit service delivery and operational challenges for the next GovTech Catalyst competitions from now until 12 November.

The GovTech Catalyst matches complex public sector problems with private sector innovators via competitions for research and development funding.

GovTech Catalyst competitions help the public sector identify and work with cutting edge technology firms. The competitions use the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) process, supported by Innovate UK.

Any UK public sector body can submit a challenge, including those in devolved administrations and at the local level.

Round 3 is now open. Challenges can be submitted until 12 November. Read more about how to submit a challenge and the challenge selection criteria.

Round 3 competitions and phase 1 implementation are planned to run from 4 March.

Examples of previous challenges

The challenges selected in round 2 were:

See the full list of challenges submitted in round 2.

The challenges selected in round 1 were:

See the full list of challenges submitted in round 1.

Find out more

You can read more about the GovTech challenge process.


Contact the GovTech Catalyst team at

You can also join the GovTech community mailing list.

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