Supporting music education through crowdfunding

5 Nov 2019 01:31 PM

The Arts Council has launched Our Music Crowd, a programme to help Music Education Hubs develop their crowdfunding skills with locally focused crowdfunding platform Spacehive. Through a dedicated fund, we will pledge towards crowdfunding campaigns run by Hubs, as well as offering training and support in crowdfunding for Hub staff.

A young man smiles while playing bass guitar, as another plays piano in the background

New Regent's College Pupil Referal Unit © Kevin Ricks / New Regent's College 

Crowdfunding campaigns are underway for 27 projects across England aiming to raise a combined £300,000, including a pop-up music studio in Stratford, a local record label in Dorset and a sensory musical space for young people with special educational needs in Swindon.  The Arts Council will match funds raised through these campaigns, providing up to £10,000 to successful projects, with a deadline of 2nd December for all to be completed.  As well as enabling these projects, the programme also aims to help Hubs diversify their income streams by building relationships with communities, local donors and funders.

Music Education Hubs are groups of organisations – including local authorities, schools, arts organisations, and community and voluntary groups – which work to develop music education activities and opportunities for young people from all backgrounds.

Funding for Hubs to deliver music education activity comes from a variety of sources.  The Department for Education is providing £75.8m during 2019-20, which accounts for roughly one third of overall income.  Finding other sources of funding is essential for Hubs to deliver a broad and accessible range of music-making activities, and many generate funds from sources such as trusts and foundations, earned income, sponsorships and donations.

Find out more about the projects and pledge here.