Supporting the UK's emergency services with specially selected ESPO frameworks

22 Sep 2016 05:15 PM

In a recent publication, data for fire service spending on essential uniform and equipment revealed a range of different prices spent by forces around the country for the same items. This information reinforces the drive for reform across the service and the need for efficiencies and transparency across procurement.  

The demand for improvements has increased following Theresa May’s promise to publish data on each fire and rescue authority's spend on items such as uniform and vehicles; aiming to ‘help services work together to buy equipment and services’ which could lead to financial and operational benefits.

ESPO offers a number of framework solutions suitable for use by the emergency services, such as the fire service, to take advantage of the rewards of buying collectively; for example our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Clothing framework (144) offers a range of products including dedicated lots for fire and police services to purchase specialist uniform and equipment. We also offer a range of vehicles including fire engines & rescue vehicles under lot 13 of our Specialist Vehicles framework (215).

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