Syndication service provides latest NHS coronavirus information for websites

22 May 2020 11:14 AM

Up to date official health information on coronavirus (COVID-19) is now available for organisations and companies to add to their websites quickly and easily.

Through the NHS.UK syndication service, clinically-approved content from the NHS website can be used on any external website or intranet site.

A range of tools are available, all of which provide access to information that reflects the latest official health advice, as content will automatically update whenever changes are made to the NHS website.

More than 2,000 users currently publish NHS health information on their websites or apps and since they were launched, the coronavirus tools have been accessed by nearly 200 users.

Ian Phoenix, Director of Citizen Health Technology at NHS Digital, said: “We know that lots of organisations and companies now want to share digital health information, but it can be time-consuming to ensure this is accurate and up-to-date.

“By enabling our coronavirus content from to be reused, as many people as possible can find the right health information wherever they look, whether that’s on the website of their local authority, school or local supermarket.

“Users can choose whether they signpost to the NHS website or publish information from it, and all the content in the tools will automatically stay updated in line with the latest guidance.”

A coronavirus button or banner can be embedded in web pages or apps to enable users to click through to coronavirus content on the NHS website. Alternatively, organisations or companies can use the coronavirus widget or API to reuse content from the website.

To access the tools, users do not need to sign up, they simply need to explain how they plan to use the content.

Visit, which also includes guidance on syndicating and copying content.

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