TUC: 1% an insult to NHS workers

8 Mar 2021 12:17 PM

Commenting on the news that broke recently (05 March 2021) that the government is only offering a 1% pay deal to NHS staff, TUC Regional Secretary Bill Adams said:

“Our brilliant NHS workers are getting us through this crisis. They are caring for our loved ones. And they are leading the vaccination effort.

“This is an insulting way to reward their service. All of our key workers deserve a decent pay rise.

“Rishi Sunak found time to produce a slick video to promote his budget, but when key workers from his own constituency invited him to hear their experiences of the pandemic on Monday night, he couldn’t find the time to attend.

“Instead of prioritising £10 billion payouts to Serco for a failed track and trace scheme, the Chancellor should show that he’s putting Yorkshire’s needs first and give our key workers the pay rise they deserve.”

According to TUC research published on 5 February, 4,977 public sector workers in Richmond constituency will lose £3 million in pay thanks to the Chancellor’s pay freeze announced in November 2020.

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