TUC: £25bn funding boost needed to strengthen services and protect growth

12 Mar 2019 01:07 PM

The TUC recently (Sunday) published a report outlining the challenges the UK faces from the government’s mishandling of Brexit, the damage from austerity and the global economic slowdown.

The TUC is calling for an urgent £25bn package to protect growth and strengthen public services.

Included in the report is new TUC analysis that reveals the extent to which austerity has held back the economy since the financial crisis, resulting in a slower recovery than from all recessions in the 20th Century.

Action needed alongside the Spring Statement

The TUC says the UK economy faces immediate risks that require urgent action before the autumn Budget.

Global growth is slowing down, with international trade disputes damaging business confidence and volatility in financial markets, which could further reduce private sector investment.

The government’s mishandling of Brexit is causing chaos. The prime minister’s failure to deliver a workable deal – and her refusal to rule out no deal – is harming confidence in the economy. Companies, including major manufacturing employers, are cutting investment and planning to move operations and jobs out of the UK. 

Austerity is compounding current risks. UK public services have been cut to the bone. Even after the Prime Minster claiming the ‘end of austerity’, spending on public services in 5 years’ time will still be £500 lower per person than in 2009/10.

In the recent report, which further details the risks Britain faces, the impacts of austerity, and the action needed in the Spring Statement, the TUC calls for the Chancellor to:

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady recently said:

“Austerity didn’t mend the holes in the roof, it tore it down. And it’s left Britain in a far worse state to survive the challenges ahead.

“With the global economy slowing down and the Prime Minister’s mishandling of Brexit causing chaos, we cannot afford to delay the rebuilding that Britain needs. 

“Positive action is needed from the government to direct funds to the public services people depend on and rescue them from breaking point. And every part of Britain must get investment in the modern infrastructure needed for growth.”

Editors note

TUC report: The full TUC report on the Spring Statement can be found here:https://www.tuc.org.uk/sites/default/files/springstatement2019.pdf

Recession recoveries: The following table the rate of growth across the 9 years since the recession ended in 2009 compared to the 9 year periods following recessions in the 20th Century. The baseline for indexing is 100.

Recovery period









Index in 9th year









Average annual growth









Sources: Office for National Statistics, Bank of England, TUC analysis

Impacts of austerity: Last year the TUC published the report Time for Change – the end of austerity, which detailed the impacts of austerity across public services, and the case for properly funding services.

A report by the Local Government Association has warned that by 2020 Local Authorities will have lost 60p from every £1 of government funding compared to 2010. Without future increases to local authority funding it will create an £8bn funding gap by 2025, which will lead to further cuts to services.


Education unions have warned that 91% of schools will lose out under the government’s funding plans, adding to school cuts of £2.8bn since 2015 that have led to the loss of thousands of teachers, teaching assistants and support staff, and an increase in class sizes.


The NHS is emerging from an unprecedented decade of spending squeeze which saw average annual growth of just 1.1% in real terms, compared to an historic average of 3.7%. The government announced increased funding for the NHS in June 2018, saying that they would be spending £20bn more on the NHS by 2022/23. But the Institute for Fiscal Studies said that just to maintain current standards, the Department for Health requires annual average growth in resource budgets by 4.1% over the spending review period, or 5% if the NHS is to deliver the transformative change set out in the Five Year Forward View.


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