TUC Yorkshire & the Humber Creative and Leisure Industries Committee declares climate emergency

2 Aug 2021 11:21 AM

The TUC Yorkshire & the Humber (TUC YH) Creative and Leisure Industries Committee (CLIC) has declared a climate and ecological emergency. The CLIC has registered as a declarer on the Culture Declares Emergency website.

In its declaration the CLIC states:

“We agree with the current scientific consensus that the future ability of planet earth to support all life is threatened by human damage to the climate and ecology.

“Human existence and the entire natural world are under threat unless we tackle both the immediate emergency and the generic long-term transformation to a carbon neutral existence.

“Therefore, we declare that we are adopting a strategy and programme to contribute to the process essential to protect planet earth, human existence and the natural world through carbon neutrality.

“We pledge to work with and support creative and leisure industries workers, their employers and engagers and local government in tackling this emergency.

“We call on others to do the same.”

Specifically, the Climate Emergency Declaration commits the CLIC to:

Since making its climate emergency declaration, the CLIC has also drawn up guidance on Making and implementing a Climate Emergency Declaration for other organisations. Culture Declares Emergency also offers a toolkit of resources for Arts & Culture climate crisis advocates.

Both the CLIC’s full climate emergency declaration statement and the making and implementing a climate emergency declaration guidance document can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. Large print versions of both documents are also available there.

The following unions have been involved in the TUC YH Creative and Leisure Industries Committee: