Take on the biggest healthcare challenges: apply for funding

17 Jan 2019 02:31 PM

UK businesses can apply for a share of up to £10 million to develop technologies, products and processes that could offer better outcomes for patients.

New healthcare technologies, products and processes could transform the life sciences sector and improve the lives of patients.

Through the Biomedical Catalyst - a partnership between Innovate UK and the Medical Research Council - there is up to £10 million available to UK businesses to:

Hundreds of projects already funded

Since 2012, the Biomedical Catalyst has awarded over £250 million in grants to more than 300 projects.

Previous projects include Calon Cardio and Swansea University, which received £1.66 million for their artificial heart pump, the MiniVAD (ventricular assist device).

Biomedical Catalyst funding supported the evaluation of performance and safety data. It has helped to move the device one step closer to being used on patients in clinical trials – with the potential to slow the progression of heart failure and prolong the life of people waiting for heart transplants.

Read the full story about Calon Cardio.

Any life science sector or discipline

Projects in the competition can be in any life science sector or discipline, including:

There are 2 parts:

Feasibility and primer projects

There is up to £3 million for organisations to explore the commercial potential of an idea and carry out technical evaluations.

This could be through:

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Early and late-stage projects

There is up to £7 million for early and late stage projects. These should have moved beyond initial research and are ready to be tested and evaluated in a clinical setting or other relevant environment.

Projects could look at:

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