Tech stands ready with identity solutions to avoid COVID-19 risks

25 Mar 2020 05:38 PM

In this extraordinary crisis situation the need for proof of ID is pressing.

In this extraordinary crisis situation, new needs are being thrown up every day. Old ways of managing are no longer sufficient. Cash use is out; replaced by electronic payments only. Similarly, proving identity through handing over passports face-to-face is no longer possible. techUK members are ready with solutions to fill this need.

And the need for proof of ID is pressing. Here are just some examples:

To avoid the spread of COVID-19, identity checks can and must be done digitally to avoid unnecessary face-to-face contact and the passing over of paper ID documents; also to get people signed up to the help they need as swiftly as possible.

The tech sector has the expertise and capacity to step in and put digital identity solutions in place – let us help. We need a plan, direction and coordination from central authorities. We need to work together with government departments, charities and businesses in need of staff. techUK stands ready to assist in whatever way we can to help get the technology and the expertise get to where it is needed.